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Welcome to Encyclopedia Excel. Tutorials, Tricks, Macros and More

Explore some Excel's built-in functions, follow guided learning courses, or take a dive into macros and VBA, all with concise, easy to follow, examples and tutorials.     

The primary focus is currently on Excel and Excel related topics, with the occasional business intelligence, data analytics, and statistics related tutorials. 



From simple formulaic solutions, everyday problems, chart design, all the way to building out full dashboards, this section will have you covered. 

Update Pivot Caches on Copied Workbooks with VBA

When a connection to a Pivot Cache won't break on a copied workbook, this macro will help them update correctly.

Sum Across Multiple Dynamic Arrays by Row

How to sum across multiple dynamic arrays in a dynamic, flexible formula using the BYROW and LAMBDA Functions.

Extract the Regular or Fiscal Quarter From Any Date

An easy way to pull the correct quarter from any date on a regular or fiscal calendar.


Add-in and Automation - Aids in the dynamic integration of external data sources 

Cube - Retrieve values from data models to build customized reports without relying on pivot tables 

Database - Used to manipulate and analyze data stores in lists or databases

Date and Time - Assists with manipulation and calculation of various dates and times

Engineering - Common engineering functions, and ability to convert between different bases and complex numbers

FinancialBasic financial calculations such as future value, discount rate, depreciation, and yield.

InformationGives meta info from workbooks and compares logical values

LogicalAllows the use of logical operators like "If/And/Or/Xor" across a range of different criteria.

LookupFilters and returns specified data

Math and trigonometryCommonly used mathematical functions and operators

Statistical - Provides statistical analysis tools to better understand correlations and deviations 

Text - Gives control over any text related field, searching, converting, formatting, and editing

Web - Allows the collection of data from the web using xml and xpath

Explore Excel

Explore Excel

Excel ribbon tab

(Click the ribbon to navigate)

Take a deep-dive into the excel toolbar and ribbon menus, and discover all of the obscure functions and abilities you never knew (or wanted to know) excel had.

Ribbon Pages

Change workbook color, size, view, and print options

Insert formulas, edit named ranges, and various workbook error checking and proofing features

Import, manipulate, and analyze data sets 

Basic workbook check functions and options that enable better sharing of workbooks

Change page layout and view modes, mirror workbooks, switch and open multiple windows

Edit and insert macros, userforms and controls, and manage Excel add-ins 

Tools to create drawings and mark-ups over the top of worksheets

Access to help tools, feedback, training, and Excel community features

Gives you full control to add ribbon features, can be combined with VBA to create custom buttons

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