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My name is Drew Koontz, I started this website with the goal of gaining a better understanding of Excel, VBA, statistics, and everything in-between. While I'm learning, hopefully I can help some others do the same. 

Currently working as an analyst and working on this website on the side.

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Site Progress

Done: Site infrastructure, 150+ tutorials, explore file/home/insert pages.

Current Focus: Mostly function tutorials, learn lessons and explore pages

To complete: Explore page and related tabs, learn pages, tutorials, function list, create VBA learning hub, shortcut page, A-Z index, Q&A page, help system, page comment system, flesh out forums, create downloads and templates, video tutorials, social media


The first time I remember using Excel was in grade school trying to figure out how to make a graph for a science project. All I can remember is being frustrated my numbers weren't doing what I wanted (clearly Excel's fault) and needing my dad to work his Excel wizardry for me. 

The first time I really started to learn was in college through dedicated Excel modeling courses and course work, and from then on I've used it every day in my career. I would never have thought that I'd enjoy Excel so much, but something about the number of different ways to go about doing something, and the almost certainty that, there is a better way to accomplish what you're try to do, just makes me want to get better at it.


If you want to connect, have any questions, or opportunities, please reach out!

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